I hate this

So today I woke up feeling like crap again I thought I was doing good again but for the past days I haven't! So why does that happen? I been on Zoloft for almost 1 year and it's been a hard ride yes it has helped but why do I still feel like crap from time to time well my dizziness has always been there it doesn't seem to leave! It feels as if some one or something controls me why? I been trying for years to recover from this and nothing makes it better I want to be me again!! So all it makes me want to do is quit my meds and quit my therapy!! Help guys please!!


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2 Replies

  • I didn't personally have good luck with Zoloft but I know a LOT of folks do and if it has been working for you you should probably stick with it and maybe talk with your doctor about perhaps upping the dosage? Everyone feels like crap from time to time. Quitting your meds and therapy does not sound like food idea at all! Please don't do that. Sometimes an adjustment is needed. I get dizziness off and on and I have went through every applicable test at various times and it's just fine as far as medically. For me I have trouble with my ears but it's different for everyone. As long as you check out medically it should be okay. I strongly suggest you talk with your doctor to reevaluate your meds. Take care!

  • I feel your frustration and pain. It's been 15 years for me. Currently I'm on day three trying Cymbalta. Sweet Lord it's been hell. I'll give it more time. I wish the pain I feel physically and mentally could be reduced by half. Please don't give up! I'm been at the end of my rope for a few months now feeling compleatly defeated. I'm praying things improve in the next few days. Maybe we're simply cursed.

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