Hey guys lately my memory has been so bad I forget things 5 seconds after and it scares me I want my memory back and also everyday I feel like I'm just waking up then going back to bed I feel like I'm not even there and I feel like this is not real life can anyone help does anyone have and solutions and does anyone else feel this way and I'm trying to stay strong but I just want to break down and cry

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  • Your'e certainly not alone in this. Sometimes "forced serendipity" is helpful. Take a newspaper or Time Out and randomly choose a place or event. Sometimes, it's helpful to just take out a map or Google earth and randomly pick a place to go....if you have the money and time and passport, then a randomly selected country (save for war and conflict zones) and just go.

  • Hi I've felt it for over 10 years. I'm 39 now.

  • I feel cognitively slow and definitely I'm having memory problems .

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