Klonopin and NyQuil?

This week I had been feeling pretty good(anxiety wise) but I have had a cold. I normally take .25 klonopin in the morning and .25 at night. But yesterday I took .25 in the morning and just took NyQuil before bed. I slept pretty good.. but then this morning after taking my klonopin I've been soooo tired and out of it. I've just wanted to stay in bed all day 😩 Should I have not taken the NyQuil while on klonopin?? Now it's got me worried. I just feel like I've been run over by a truck


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3 Replies

  • Hi sunshine002, Nyquil has alcohol in it I'm sure which would increase the sedative effect of Klonopin, It's always best to ask the pharmacist before using any over the counter meds.

  • Thank you. Ugh that was horrible lol won't do that again! Lesson learned! 😊

  • We learn....glad you are feeling better.

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