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Not sure

Went to bed last night and it took me ages to go to sleep at times I dozed but then kept on waking suddenly and my heart rate fast . I also had a tight full feeling in the middle of chest and had to keep yawning to take a beep breath. I eventually fell asleep but within half hour woke suddenly again and this time heart rate thumping and really fast . Ended up taking a Kalma (xanax) . The that feeling in chest I still had it this morning and have felt terrible all day . Please anyone talk to me about this .

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I had it last night too i think its panic attack. Take a shower i think it will help you some


I had the exact same night, I usually have a night like this once a week. I get that tight feeling not only in my chest but in my arms and legs plus a range of other physical and psychological symptoms. I now force myself up and out of my bedroom, go and get a glass of water, if I have enough energy I'll do some stretching or read a bit. It's the only thing that helps but I have to force myself to do it because at the time it's the last thing I feel like doing. It's really horrible I know but try hard not to be scared of it😊


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