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Weird feelings with OCD and somatic pain

I have suffered with OCD when i was in school in class 8th and did not reported till 4 years kept on bearing it and some of the following symtoms like -

1. closing my eye while facing straight i use to feel like i am nt facing straight

2. after closing eye my attention use to remain on one of the eye and not in the middle of my forhead

3. right side muscles and joint started getting stiff (initially back and then shoulder neck too..and most of the time they were contracted and not getting relaxed

4. while sleeping my right cheek started remaining tight and same side eye started getting irritated often while face muscle is tight

After 4 years when i reported i got a diagnosis of somatic pain and OCD

i took fluvoxetine and buspirone for 1 year and got rid of most of my OCD but above physical pain in right side muscle remained... OCD came back in some other form and since fluvoxetine was causing sexual side effects after a gap of 2 and half years started fluvoxamine which dint helped much but little calmness was there....after taking it for another 1 yr and some months i decided to get free from SSRI as they were causing side effects and making me from march 2016 till today i am not taking any SSRI.Initially OCD seemed to creep back but went away slowly but the pain stiffness and sleeping probelms and burning pain and face spasms are there...eye irritation being the worst...burning pain around eye..

Through All these years i have been undergone various diagnostics tests and never got any diagnosis other than low vitamin b12 (88) and low vitamin d3 (14.98)

Have anyone experienced similar symtoms and have anyone got to know whats the treatment plan should be as SSRI causes sexual side effects and upset digestion which is even more depressive.

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So what should I do to avoid anxiety?


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