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I need someone to talk to :( whenever I'm alone I can't handle it. I'm constantly in tears and worry about everything. I have no friends :( I feel I have pushed everyone away and now it's too late. I'm so lazy I have no motivation to do anything. I have no confidence. I'm stuck I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I'm in bits constantly :'( It's so hard.

I've never got anything to look forward to, nothing excites me no more. I just feel bored and worn out.

I need this to go!! I'm really starting to struggle with it all. It's getting too much.

Sorry for the long post but I needed to let it out somewhere :(

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Hello, This sounds like you are suffering with Depression are you getting any help for it? Meds,Doctors or CBT? If not I think it will be a great idea to look into that.

You are at a low point in your life but you have come here and you want to feel better so that is a great start . So this will take time and some days will seem hard just dont give up please

Try writing down your feelings I do this and show my doctor as I know we all go quiet and not say what needed at the time. Also try thinking of some goals to reach or a bucket list just something small.

If you can see if you can help out somewhere with pets I think they make a difference but tis idea is further down the line


No im not getting any help for it at the moment as I just need to pluck up the courage to go to the doctors.

Even small situations like that get to me, I just panic not knowing what to say and stuff.

Thanks. I'm gonna write down all my feelings it sounds like a good idea!

Thank you so much.

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Hi Theresa... I have felt exactly the same and on occasion still do.

These are major signs of increased Anxiety and Depression and if you feel that you cannot cope and that it's been going on for too long then you should really go and see your GP. He/she will be able to talk with you about two things:

1. Medical help (i.e. anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication) to help with the biological side; that is the chemical imbalance in your brain that is causing these feelings of depression.

2. Counselling (i.e. talking therapy or CBT) to help you combat the environmental aspects of your depression/anxiety and to help you be more mindful and look at your behaviours in a different way.

I have been on a combination of the two things and I have to say they really do help. Of course I still have my down days, and I am at home alone for the next two weeks as my housemates have both left early for Christmas. This is a very testing time for me and I have been getting upset.

I would also recommend (like the person below) to write everything down that you are feeling. When it comes to telling someone we often struggle to find the words to say but it helps if you have something to reference. It's also a good starting point for understanding some of the reasons why you are feeling these things.

But there is always hope. Never ever lose hope. These feelings of depression and anxiety are just a cruel trick that our brains decide to play on us for whatever reason. You are strong and you can get through it, but the key to success in getting help is helping yourself too. You've made a great first step by posting on here, the next move is to talk to someone else about it. Everything you feel is justified and it can go away - you should never have to live with these feelings.

I hope this helped you to shed some light on these things.

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Thank you so much. You helped a lot. I hope you are okay too. I hate knowing that other people feel like this it's not a nice feeling :(

Yeah I think I will see a doctor very soon. I'm just gonna have to pluck up the courage first! Lol :)

Thanks for your help I hope you enjoy your Christmas!


Hi . I'm so sorry things are hard for you. I would try to go to Dr and also find a therapist. It has help me a lot. I'm on medication that's helps. I also have something to take to clam me down if I need it. I know you feel like you alone but you not I also feel that way but there so many people that deal with anxiety. I would maybe see if a church has a programs going on that you might join to meet some new people. Anxiety is a minute to minute thing . I know. I hope you know there are people that care. I hope you feel better soon. Take ❤

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Thank you for your lovely comments that cheered me up :) I'm glad someone understands.

Hope you get well soon and enjoy your Christmas!❤️


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