Lexapro need help

So my lexapro has not been working for me so I have lowered my dose from 20mg to 15 and now at 10mg for the last 14 days. have actually been feeling better lowering my dose until yesterday when I had anxiety almost all day. Today I woke up with anxiety and it's still there. Not sure what's going on am I just feeling withdrawals now? Should I go down to 5mg? Should I stay on 10 mg for awhile?


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2 Replies

  • Hello friend. Unfortunately for myself Lexapro and its cousin Celexa did nothing for me. However I believe the 5 mg dose would do nothing for you.

    Stay the corse with 10mg for two more weeks or so. Then reevaluate .

    This is just my advice as a non medical practitioner.

  • Thank you hardluck appreciate the advice. I have been on lexapro off and on for 15 years. But my therapist thinks it is no longer working for me probably due to hormonal changes as I am almost 38 now. I feel like I just want to get off of it all together but am scared to do so. I actually felt better decreasing my dose but not sure what is triggering these symptoms after feeling improvement.

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