Eyesight needing to catch up

Hi, I just joined, like right now! Earlier today, while going thru Costco, I began to feel "off" and when I'd turn my head, it seemed like my eyesight needed to catch up. It was making me feel a bit off balance and like I was walking in slow motion, thru a fog! I'm still feeling that way now, and also have a sore neck and headache. Sigh.


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  • Hi Mckenna64 and welcome to the Anxiety Forum. You just describe what more than half of us experience with anxiety when out in a big store like Costco. So many things can contribute to that feeling. The vastness of the store itself, as well as the fluorescent lighting, the number of products on the high shelves, all of this giving our brain too much stimulation. It's like your eyes can't take in all that you want to see and so when you turn your head, your eyes don't follow as fast and you get that off balance/dizzy feeling. Once that happens, you get frightened, adrenaline spikes and you go into that fog. Because of all of these symptoms happening, you than develop a sore neck from trying to hold yourself from falling over as well as a tension headache. Sigh.... and there you are, anxiety has done it's number on you. As if shopping isn't wearing enough, anxiety can completely wear us down. I hope your headache is better and you are feeling more relaxed now that the day is almost over. It won't always be like this. A couple things might help. One of course is not to avoid going back to Costco or it will just feed further into your anxiety. You can try using sunglasses the next time you go which will help eliminate some of the glare and flickering from the lights. Also deep breathing and sipping on water to keep hydrated will help reduce the foggy feeling and fullheadedness. Hope you come back to the forum often to pick up little tidbits of info on what we all have learned over the years. My best to you.

  • Thank you SO much Agora1, for taking the time to share your knowledge with me. I can honestly say that is the first time I've experienced those feelings, in public! I suffer from CAPS (chronic abdominal pain syndrome) due to multiple surgeries for Endometriosis. I've become anxious because of the overwhelming pain before but never out of the blue like yesterday at Costco. I wasn't completely honest...we recently moved and that combined with pain and a busy store, I guess caused the anxiety. IK,R? And yes, thank you, my headache is gone this morning 😊

  • Agora 1, I really appreciate that post. It is so true. You HAVE ALWAYS Post GREAT stuff, which has helped me in the past. Thank God for you. Continue the good work, and your encouraging words are aawesome. Thanks again.

  • Yes, I have had that. So strange, like slow motion. I have also had neck pain and headaches. Numbness in my left leg also freaks me out sometimes.

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