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Doing a little better

So I been doing a little better but yes still a long long way to go I been pushing my self to try to be happy and not let anxiety get the better off me tonight just now I had a bit of a bad moment but trying to ignore it and let it pass its going to be hard work to keep this up but I can't keep living the way I do any more I want to feel at peace and happy and in joy life but I know bad days will come just hope I learn to be strong and let it pass over and not panic

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I know what your going through 😝 The last couple of days have been hard for me but I am trying to push through & overcome this & let it pass. I tried meditation last night for the 1st time! 😮 it's amazing what that can do for you. Not sure if you tried that yet but it was nice to just kick back, put my headphones on, turn on a meditation playlist on Pandora, close my eyes & just let my mind wander. ❤ it made me so relaxed.


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