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symptoms of health anxiety

so last week or so anxiety has gone sky high could anyone please let me no if they get these symptoms and any advice on how to deal with them please.


feeling off balance and feeling sick

waking up sweating and shaky

brain fog

low mood

worrying you have some kind of deadly illness

lack of energy

hate these feeling there must be more help out there i have done cbt which was great for a while. doctor thinks i should start meds but guess what freaking out about that. has anyone ever heard about the linden method heard its ment to really work but you do have to pay for course etc.

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Yes, yes, and yes. I too am feeling sick, tired, depressed, weak, and walking around thinking I am dying. This is awful. I feel like I've had the flu for six months. I am working so hard to change my mindset and I just keep going even though I want to curl up and hide away. Anti-depressants made my symptoms worse and gave me horrible tummy issues. I couldn't cope with that. I keep smiling, working, moving...but it's like walking through cement everyday and I am exhausted. I will look into the Linden Method. Wouldn't it be nice to find something that worked. I am using the DARE method, and it helps. However, I am almost to weak to DARE it out some days and just want to sleep it off. I have a beautiful life with beautiful people in it, but I don't enjoy a dang thing. I feel crazy and sick.

I go to bed each night fearful of what the morning will bring...another day of suffering.

Peace and love to you. I am praying and hoping for healing for you and everyone on this forum. Such nice people who have such a burden to carry.


I know my friend i hate that feeling of waking to whats the fear going to be today.apparently the linden method has a HUGE success rate. i am seriously looking into it anything has to be better than this suffering we are all going through take care xx

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Omg same here right now , I've been feeling like really tired & weak and dizziness, sometimes it hard for me to talk because I feel weak , I started to really panic and broke down in tears because I'm thinking I have kidney failure or something because I looked up the symptoms on google and I know googling is bad when you look up stuff like that , but I can't help it , my head always thinks wrong and I'm trying to even shake my head because I'm really scaring my self


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