Anxiety attack, very rough night

Had a huge anxiety attack that lasted most of the night. Crying. Seems like things are getting worse and I know it's the stress of everything making it seem that way. It's also a person in my life that can cause these difficult bouts of high anxiety. I can't seem to get a grip on the reality of having this person out of my life. I'm miserable with him in my life and out of my life. It gets to be too much emotionally to handle. Have you every just wished you could just erase a person from your heart? Wondering how it would feel to never have met them and feel what you do for them? Especially someone you feel like is a true love?


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2 Replies

  • I think we've all experienced what you are experiencing at some point. I'm 100% sure you will be OK :)

  • U can erase the person if he is causing u alot of anxiety but everything takes time u have to give yourself time to heal. Good luck

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