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Sudden racing heartbeat

Hi all, do u sometimes for no reason awaken from sleep in the middle of the night with heart beating strong and fast? I realized especially when it comes to night time i feel more down and have this dreaded feeling. I just got awaken to go toilet and pee but i was having anxiety like symptoms which i had to do deep breathing and fortunately my heart rate reduced before the anxiety escalated. And after that i had to listen to meditation music to prevent my anxiety from coming. Do you ever get this?

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Hi Maeko...I get this quite often. I think its because everything seems 10 fold in the middle of the night...just at councellor today telling her this and she is starting to teach me CBT(cognitive behavoir therapy).eg..what I think is happening <I am going to die: is this 100% true< no..change thought to postive or nuetral: its just my anxiety<knowing its just anxiety makes me feel? relieved...I just have to keep affirming these thoughts to my negative thoughts.

relax and take care


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