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panic attack post heart attack

hi all i was looking for answers online and came across this site i had a heart attack a year ago now stents done but heart still blocked on left side more surgery to go -- my problem is i have a fear of going upstairs it may sound silly but it happened early hours when i was in bed - i am trying to overcome this but not quite there i want my family to be proud but they dont understand - my heart races i get pain (chest) i am left with angina so doesnt help and hospital says keep stress to zero - hey real world i think they are panic attacks -- i'd wish they go cardic rehab says this is normal but sleeping in a chair and being disabled anyway isnt normal any suggestions

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sorry if this is unrelated to your issues, but how does a heart attack feel? i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I'm scared i won't be able to tell the difference.

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hi they say everyone is different but personally it was extremely painful just prior i felt quite sick the extreme pain in chest and under my armpit - you will know god forbid it happens but you will know totally different pain


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