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Starting medication need encouraging words


Hi everyone,

I started lexapro 3 days ago and could use some words of encouragement to stick this out to allow the medication to take effect to help with my anxiety symptoms. Thank you everyone. It took a lot in me to start this medication as I have Severe anxiety about medication side effects. This is a big step for me.

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Hi aRNv27, First of all congratulations on starting your medication. I know how scared most of us are regarding side effects. I can appreciate it was a big step for you. I happen to be on Lexapro myself and have found it to be very beneficial in helping with my anxiety symptoms. Since we are all different in how we accept different meds, you need to keep an open mind when starting something new. A positive attitude helps immensely. Since this med is an SSRI, it will take 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy. I find that unlike other meds I was on, Lexapro does not cause tiredness or fogginess. I wish you well and hope this proves to be a good match for you. Take care.

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Medication will help with symptoms but it takes time I am on my 98 th day

Of lexapro . 5 mg lowest dosage and able to deal with my anxiety a bit better.

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