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Encouraging Others

When I feel like I am in a sinking hole of anxiety, stress, emotions & feelings I don't understand, I pick up the phone or text someone. I put that energy into uplifting someone else & encourage them. Everyone needs it & the more you do this, by finding positives in someone else, it begins to

1) take my mind off whatever is bothering me

2) puts a positive perspective into play way before you realize it or over think anything

3) you learn from what your are saying, as if you are talking to yourself.

Becomes very therapeutic without putting effort into it. BUT, you can't talk about your anxiety or else this will not work!!

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That is good, keep it up.

Sometimes I read about people who are nothing but negative! You are amazing keep at it and you troubles will soon be a thing of the past, postivity is the way forward.


Hi there.I think your idea is brilliant!I do the same and I can see the effects in my life.It`s true that trying to help others let you feel better with your own feelings and I call that sense of purpose , giving meaning to your life and happiness.When you reach such level you`re in the right way toward healing because you become more aware of yourself and you`ll appreciate every single part of you even those parts you put on denial before.Well done! Keep going I have the same thought as you and as you said you`ve already discovered some changes in your life and that is very positive.Best wishes.


Talking about your anxiety is something that we can share in this site ,we all feel anxious for different reasons and we have to find out why and when we feel more anxious.For example in which occasions or what could be the trigger of our anxiety, then working out in how to become more conscious of our feelings and taking control of what it seems uncomfortable to deal with and changing the way we perceive an event trying to find out what It is in reality and not how we perceive that, maybe an event do not reflect our fears and anxiety after all...It`s the way we see things in our own way,we see what we want to see instead of what it is in reality.


im on another site called journeys which is for depression and ive just done a post asking the people on it to support each other because nobody replies when someone puts a post on

its people like you who makes a difference keep it up babe x


Hi giveitallugot, I know exactly what you mean , I dont suffer anymore with anxiety etc as it turned out to be medication I was on. However You will have noticed I am on quit support community and I thought like you when I first started to quit. 2years on and I still try and encourage others.

Keep positive. xx




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