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Got scared

I was watching Netflix and all of this sudden I felt like I was going to pass out my face got really tight and I can't remember if my breathing was slow or I was breathing too fast I got really scared.. I have a weird feeling through out my whole body can some one please talk to me.. everyone and doctors say it's anxiety panic attacks I except it up until I get these scary feelings I'm thinking something is really wrong with me I feel like I'm going insane omg I can't takr this shit anymore I hate this.. I just wantvtobcry,i want to wake up my boyfriend but I don't want to bother him with it.. could i be feeling like this because of the Chinese food I had for dinner? Someone plz talk to me

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It definitely sounds like you got a wave of anxiety/panic so don't worry try to distract yourself maybe watch some comedians or something else funny on Netflix to make you laugh or play an game on your phone anything to keep your mind busy so you dont think about how you feel until the sensations pass.

You will be ok :))


Hello *AaZz*..I didn't go to bed till 4am I was so scared. I get anxiety,symptoms that come with it and I can handle all of them but when the panic attacks comes I just can't take it I'm still feeling it I just woke up and my body is very tense my neck shoulders and the base of my head are tight and so is my leg's and hips I truly hate this even my teeth feel tight. . thank you for for your concern


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