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New job opportunity and I'm so scared

So Thursday I have a trial for a new job in a small salon out in the countryside. I have been out of work for the last 6 months and of course having anxiety I'm now panicking. Apart of me can't wait to get out and start earning again but the other part of me just wants to hide away and not turn up. I'm scared of messing up, I'm scared of letting the employer know about my anxiety, I fear the feeling of being trapped in a place all day knowing I have to be there, I really don't know what to do :(

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Hi Panickier, what you do is go to work and think about how great it will be in starting to earn again. Keep that positive thought through each hour of that day. I know what the fear is like being trapped in one place but you can't keep hiding or running away from it. Eventually you will have to face your fear and what better way to do it and get paid as well.

It will work out for you. Give yourself a few days to settle into a new job. I wouldn't mention it to your employer at this time only because it will give you an excuse for an "out". I wish you well and am happy for you. Let us know how you feel after the first day being back to work. I'm sure you will have a sense of accomplishment as well as having taken that first step. Good Luck.

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