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Anxiety Related and C-PTSD

Anxiety Related and C-PTSD

I suffer from C-PTSD have done since a teen. a touch of OCD hehe who doesn't,right?

I definitely have anxiety issues deriving from family dysfunction, low self-esteem and addiction issues, plus the trauma. I can't get treatment for mine other than an anti-depressant which is sposed to help with anxiety. so I take it. I take an injection of Abilify every month for diagnosed Bipolar.. which Idk about yet...400mg and I have asked em to drop it gradually for me.

I am coming out of my shell, accepting who I am, loving myself, while also trying to destroy myself, self-sabotage ra ra ra and finally accepting who I am at 42 and I love it. I am beautiful as all women are and pretty confident, still the anxiety haunts me. So if I can be of assistance to anyone who genuinely needs it please let me know

Peace out


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