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Hi, I wonder if I may have some words of wisdom??? My son who is at uni came home this weekend and shared how he is really feeling. So proud of how he has sort support at an early stage with his anxiety and anger. He spoke about it at 100 miles an hour and has since relaxed and slept. He's going back today and of course we will be concerned. Don't want to be overbearing just supportive. Any ideas, what worked for you etc would be very welcome. Thank you for your time.


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  • I went home this month to my parents because I couldn't cope with anxiety alone at uni. I went back feeling recovered but now I'm back at square 1. It's hard and I was happy to hear from my mum when I arrived .

  • Hello & thank you for your reply X

    Sorry to hear you're feeling like you're back a square 1. It must be really tough to keep up the momento, are you able to ask for support at uni? I found a site: was useful.

    I will definitely check in with my son but don't want to be overbearing. I think having a 'realistic' routine will help. Booking in down time as much as anything else.

    I hope things get better for you and you control the anxiety rather than it controlling you.

    Take care X

  • I think I'm just ready for this semester to end so I can head home and get some rest . I'm going to move closer to home next year. I hope your son gets on well. It helps more than anything to have an understanding mum .

    Best wishes x

  • You enjoy a well earned rest. It sounds like you're making good decisions to help too, well done x

  • Hi keep positive because you'll not be the only one feeling anxious Uni can be hard but you are not alone. If you stay in your room it will be the focus for your attention, but if you go get out and meet up with others societies, library, student union, you will have new perspectives and meet others who you could help too as there will be others who are more shy and reserved. The fact that you have posted here shows that you are strong, and can get out of the cycle.

    Your mum wants you to have the Uni experience which can be a fantastic time meeting new people, making your own decision, being the best you that you can be.. Good luck and i hope you have better times you deserve a great life, and it invest a little time in pushing back on your worries and getting out you'll never look back

  • Thank you for this! Iv joined the fitness club and I'm going to gym with a few people this week! Sitting in my room is definitely the worst possible thing. I should be enjoying the opportunities I have. It's still hard but one step at a time

  • The uni will usually have good psychological counselling services which may be appropriate for him to use

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