Hi every one how wa your halloween

Mine qas good until the end of the night my heart was veating so weird skippn beats !! im thinking because i had 2 drinks im proud of my self for telling my friends that that was enough too ! i had fell asleep tonight and woke up like strange on my chest and scared like if my heart is going to stop ive been so scared lately uhg!!!! can i just have normal life i cant even bend over and pick something up with out feelimg like my hearts going to stop or skipping beats uhg i did have a bit of anxiety today and nerviousness but im so glad the kids had so much fun!

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  • anxuety can cause ur heart to race and so can ceetain drinks with caffine in them maybe a mixure of both i suffer with anxuety so i no from exoerience but maybe go to ur doctors just to be sure,try sime relaxtion like having a bubble bath ir listenung to ur fav music and have some quiet time fir urself when u have young kids thats sometime diffucult but we all need a break maybe even a nice walk might help thats what i do hope iv helped u and let me no how u get on ok

  • Thank you ! i wish i had a break with the kids, at least a few hours i hope its anxiety and palpitations because if felt horriable. i am looking for a dr right now my old one refused to see me! ive been having a hard time with that and my blood pressure going low

  • i wush u well i no hiw hard thgs can be esp bringing up kids i brought my daughter by myself and it was very hard but shes the keast of my wirries its how i feel very anxious alot if times and the mosr hostile neighbours anyway if u want to talk again ur welcome pam🎄

  • Yes its this weird feeling in mychest to my neck ans head o get so dozzy i feel like imablack out oe fall so i have to lay down uhg i hope all is well with you

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