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Never heard this one

Over the past few months I have been experiencing pain in my right armpit, I no I shouldn't but I've been googling, I'm thinking the worst as usual.

I have read that anxiety can cause armpit pain which I've never read before? I do have a few skin tags on one but the pain seems to be on the inside, I've been tensing it a lot to see if it's uncomfortable which it is. I have been sweating abit more sometimes. I can't help but prod and poke it, does anyone get this? I'm quite worried about it and it's playing on my mind

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I get chest pain due to anxiety idk about armpit pain but if you are sweating you should get it looked at

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I get a very similar thing, but it's only pins & needles, not pain (yet!)

You're the only other person I've heard of to get this.

Of course, you need to go to your doctor, & ask (insist on) being referred to a neurologist.

As far as I know (but not 100% sure), for myself anyway, I think it's malfunction of the sensory nervous system.

I get many strange pains & sensations like this in many places.

I find they come for a while, then quietly fade away again after a while. :-)

For nerve pain, a low dose of old tri-cyclic antidepressants are often effective; you could ask to try these too, maybe?

They're prescribed at a very tiny dose, ineffective for depression, as they've been found to act as pain modifiers, specifically in nerve pain.

Sending you all good wishes. <3

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I'd get it checked at the doctors but it's most likely just a blocked sweat gland due to sweating more. I used to get them lots until I found out I was allergic to the aluminium in deodorants (mostly used in dry deodorants)


I get armpit pain which comes and goes mostly on my left side . Also sweating is a common symptom of anxiety . Feel better

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