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Feeling spaced out and on edge

Over the past couple of weeks I have been feeling very spaced out & light headed. Finding it hard to focus or concentrate. Almost like a permanent head rush. The only other way i can describe it is either after a night out and you wake up still partially drunk. Or, when you haven't had enough sleep and you wake up and are light headed and really not with it at all.

However, at the same time I feel very much on edge, like i could either cry or shout. The only thing is, I have nothing to cry or shout about, I'm pretty happy to be honest. So i'm slightly confused as to why i'm feeling so anxious and spaced out.

infact, the only thing to ever make me feel this spaced out and on edge was morphine when i was in hospital.

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Do you consume a lot of caffeine, sugar, or alcohol? Or a combination of those things over the course of the day? Reducing this can help clear your head. It takes a while tho for the effects to really wear off...more than a few days. Too much caffeine has made me feel like that. I quit 3 months ago and I find my mind is clearer and calmer without that spacey and edgy feeling. I'm still working on the sugar reduction...that is difficult for me.

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Ano how u fell a have this to its making me think am going to die all the time scary but doctors told me its my anxiety a alsi get this cold felling throught my body to find it hard to breath and sleep at nyt


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