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I'm petrified of vomiting I hate it I can't live my life without worrying 24/7 about throwing up I now have an eating disorder because I'm sacred if I eat too much I'll vomit I hate it it's crushing me I cry every night panicking I get panick attacks during school I'm literally a walking mess I had councillimg before about anxiety because I've had a rough background with a abusive stepdad but now I'm a mess I feel so alone on this .. help :(

Ps I'm aware it says something about pregnancy underneath it keeps glitch hung and won't go away I'm not pregnant

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Hello Katie

I do not have this fear but many do and sorry that someone that does has not seen your post but hopefully someone will and be able to relate :-)

Meanwhile there is a pinned post a member put on to the right side of the page who does suffer , I have put you the link and hopefully when you read it , it may help :-)

Take Care x


Thank you it means a lot x

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