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Feel like I'm having a mental breakdown

It's Sunday at noon right now. I am in university and tomorrow, I have a big psychology exam. I made an extensive study review but haven't started studying yet. I also have a large assignment due in graphic design that I procrastinated in. I am nowhere near done and can not think of ANY ideas because I'm under so much pressure. Time is running out and I am freaking out because I feel like I can't finish everything for tomorrow. I am so stressed out and have already broken down crying twice, am getting mad at every little thing and feel like my brain won't function. I feel so anxious that I feel physically sick ontop of it. I don't know what to do. I feel like giving up. Its gotten to the point where I'm wishing something terrible would happen to me so I won't have to go to school tomorrow.

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hi thinking of you and sending big hug. you've done so well with all the work that you have done just remember that. perhaps have a break from studying and come back to it later Sharon x


Hi, your strong. Have a break. I have problems hearing voices, feel the same as, but I am pressured every day, it causes stress . Often think of ending it. But we are on earth to live. And I,m gonna overcome this and take control. This might not help.but its good to change the subject. Hope you get well.


tat122 how you doing x


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