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Iv never been good at sharing my emotions about depression and anxiety, Im only just leaning how horrible anxiety can be to me. It has gotten so bad recently that it's something I cant hide anymore and it's destroying my life and work. Iv taken two unexpected days off and have to explain why, but I'm scared they wont understand what it is or take me seriously as im 20 and they are all 40+ where i work.

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You are not alone. And honestly I feel like if you can endure what have so far with this anxiety (which is the most awful experience I've ever had so far in my life), I think you can and should be able to talk to your boss or whoever needs to know about what your feeling. And if they don't get it then do what's necessary for you in this difficult time. I too had to take time off from work. I'm female, 34 years old. But yes things git bad for me as I started having trouble at work feeling symptoms and not knowing what's happening and why. So I finally had to explain to my boss what was going on and he was very understanding and told me to do what I need to to get better. So don't feel bad about what you had to do during these moments we suffer. Go for it. I wish you the best.


Im sorry you're going through this and I'm going through something very similar so you are not alone. Maybe try going to your doctor and getting a doctors note and approaching your employer about it with honesty. A counsellor is also extremely helpful if that's something you haven't looked into. I know you can overcome this!


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