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negative thinking

(sorry for bad english)

i hope this can help some people, ive had health anxiety for almost 1 year and it somewhat stopped simply because i stopped thinking negatively everytime i had a symptom.

As an example, back then, when i felt dizzy, i would constantly think about it, that only made things worst and prolonged the dizziness for days or weeks BUT now when i get dizzy i stop thinking about it and guess what? dizziness goes away after 10-15 minutes. It's all in your mind, your brain is a powerful machine but in the case of health anxiety, it can work against you. Back then, everyone told me the same thing i'm telling you now, to just stop thinking about it, but i couldn't believe the solution was this simple. It takes some time but it works.

anyways hope this can give hope to some people to help them stop thinking about the symptomes you have, if yor doctor tells you are fine, you are fine, no need to constantly worry, you only have one life to live and cant let anxiety control it.

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Wow so funny I saw your post right after I just wrote a post pretty much "thinking negative" and did exactly what you just mentioned. Constantly thinking about every sensation and every syptom I'm feeling. Some days I do ok trying to keep distracted but most days I'm not so successful. Like today. One of my worry nights. But I do totally agree with you because even though I didn't follow my own advice yet tonight I did say to myself several times, you need to get over it and stop worrying and thinking about everything little thing. Hope it works for me tonight so I can get some sleep.


you are so right happiness depends so much on how we think and our attitude, thank you for posting :)


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