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Well hello there I had my appointment yesterday and the doctor said everything was fine my heart a few times but a little bit faster early heartbeat but nothing serious and he says that my heart is fine so I was telling him then why do I feel the way I do my blood pressure was fine he told me to talk to my primary doctor and I told him I prime my doctor keeps telling me to go to him back and forth back and forth and it's so irritating but I'm just glad and it's just a relief that I know that everything's okay it's just the fact that how I feel maybe it's my thyroid or something that's going on that my daughter really needs to check for today I've been feeling a little anxious for some odd reason but not as bad and I really got to thank the Lord above and for all you friends out there that's been by my side through this online I know I could be a pain in the butt and talk a lot on here I appreciate every single one of you that always takes the time of your life or busy day to comment on mines I just appreciate it you don't know how that makes me so much happier like I don't have friends and if I do with just one and they don't like to sit there and hear me out sometimes sometimes we just need somebody to talk to and it's really hard for her to have any type of friend that understands where you're coming from when they really don't understand where you're coming from because they're not going through it even my own mom thinks I'm going cuckoo time to time but you think it's all in my head and it's not in my head but I can just say that I am very thankful for you guys too actually take the time to read my status is or I might use fees and stuff and I can never be more than happy with all this I would probably even be like more with anxiety and going crazy maybe I don't know but I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and if you guys ever need anyone to talk to I'm always here for you guys I will always be on her as long as I live just to see how you all doing so I'm going to have to wait until my doctor's appointment I believe it's this Monday so we'll see what my doctor says because he's been ignoring me but thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and thank you for being concerned on here too I appreciate it you guys are the best thank you

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Hi crystal good to know u are feeling better and we are here to support one another hopefully u can get through to your doctor . take care

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