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My story

Hi I'm new on here and just wanted to tell my story.

So I've always been an anxious person even as a child.

I remember around 16 years old I had a debilitating illness where I was bed ridden with dizziness and exhaustion.

Eventually the dizziness went but I was left with what I describe as a "foggy head" lightheaded ness and a feeling of prssure.

I have had this many years now and went through a period of about 6 years relativitly symptoms free,

Anyhow fast forward to March this year,,I have had such a lot going on that have pushed my anxiety levels thru the roof.

Firstly I had a motorcycle accident breaking my arm and being off work.

Secondly my son had an allegation of rape made against him at Uni (

Thirdly mu Mum has just passed away .

Anyone one of these things could have triggered ,

My anxiety..but all three together in a few months!!!

anxiety quite high at the moment,but I know I will start to feel better soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Peter x

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Good to see you made this step. Take the time to do something you enjoy. If you like reading read anything, helps taking your mind off other things. Also a little tip, chew some gum when you are faced with the situations. Your body doesn't feel as much fear (anxiety) when you are eating. Chewing gum mimics that. Good luck my friend.


That's a great tip will try that


You have had such massive life events to deal with Just be kind to yourself and let time pass Take one day at a time You will feel better your body has just been overloaded with stress let it heal itself gently You wouldn't try walking on a broken leg you would rest it

All the very best


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