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Went to the doctors

Went to the doctors today about my chest pain. Said its nothing serious (like I have been told several times by the Er now) that its just my muscles are inflamed. Along with my inflamed stomach and all the acid along with it.. Wow. Glad I have some answers but still makes me wonder.. Can all this really be the cause? I get nervous even second guessing.. I wish I could just get over all this. Alls I wanna do is lay around anymore cause I feel like my life has reached an all time low. I guess second guessing could be the anxiety side of things? Ugh

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Rissa, Second guessing a doctor's diagnosis is the anxiety side of things. There's got to be a point where you need to take a pause. You got some answers, you know what you are dealing with and it was done by a professional and not Dr. Google...It is not a sickness but a disorder that doesn't need for you to lie around. When we feel our lives have reached an all time low, then know that we are the ones that can turn it around. Thinking we are sick will just make us feel that way. I wish you better days soon. x

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