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I think my anxiety evolved

I visited the psychologist and she suggested for me to volunteer and stop googling my problems. 3 weeks have gone by but I feel like my symptoms only got worse (I've scheduled a doctors appointment)... Basically now I've been feeling the following, and not all at the same time just at different periods of the day if not at all:

Notes for Doctor

Aching pain in upper neck on the back side of head (the bone that is behind the right ear)

Somewhat dizzy feeling but not completely (not at all fall over dizzy just a teeny tiny bit, if that's dizzy at all... More spaced out I suppose)

Hot forehead and aching at the top

For the most part of my day it gets the best of me and makes me depressed

I had tingling sensation on top of head (scalp)

I'm really stressed out about all of these things and I really do hope the doctor will give me good news. I just want to go back to how I was feeling a few months ago (no problems)...

At one point in my day I'm feeling fine and then later on I feel spaced out. I never did drugs, and never any bad substance, basically the only thing I applied was the corticosteroid prescribed from the clinic (I haven't had an official physical checkup yet; blood work, X-ray etc but in still hoping for the best - I'm having that on November 1st)

Anyone have any idea of what's going on?

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Hi, INTOx80, not one of your symptoms sends red flags up to me. It really sounds like anxiety big time. Focusing on everything you physically feel and in detail. When I went through this a long time ago, I remember writing in detail everything I was feeling. I would tell the doctor what my symptoms were and watch his face for some reaction. He would calmly look at the list I made and then look at me, smile and say my name a couple times ending with "you have anxiety". I got so tired of hearing it. I couldn't imagine now what I would have done had he told me I had a catastrophic disease. Now I see how lucky I was but I didn't realize it at the time. I took it upon myself to start volunteering and I can tell you it was the best way to break that concentration on myself. I think you should follow your psychologist's suggestion. One thing I never did was Google. You must stop that, it serves no purpose but to enhance the thoughts you already have about something being wrong. That's my input of what's going on. I can say this because I've been there and done what your psychologist said to do. My best to you. x


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