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Job anxiety

I feel trapped. I'm back to a job and night shifts I thought I left for good, and i'm am a mess with anxiety. I'm back to square one. I thought I was just doing it for few months as I felt better after 8 months of being away from it. But i'm struggling and already thinking of cancelling the shifts that I already agreed to do but I feel bad as they are short staffed. This is my last month but it feels like a year. Any advice?

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Well a month I know can seem like a year when anxiety is rife , but tell yourself you will take this a day at a time , or even a shift at a time , that you have the option if it gets way to much that you can pull out but for now you will see how each shift goes , that way you are putting yourself in control which can help to control the anxiety , good luck and I hope everything works out for you :-)

Take Care x


I haven't been to work in over a month because I have this fear of something happening and just an overall feeling of not being safe. I get how you feel and don't really have any suggestions. ( I don't even know what to tell myself). But I hope everything works out and just try and take it day by day. Give yourself positive thoughts. Hope this soon passes for you.


Hey, I've worked hard for 12 yrs at a stagnant job .. stayed with it mostly for stability.. when our dept was downsized and moved to a less desirable office area recently, it caused my anxiety to POP.. hard. I've been fighting it (Or perhaps the better term is "accepting" it) for 4 weeks now.. therapist, meditation, etc. I'm 42 and it's definitely been amongst the hardest weeks of my life. Slowly improving. Anyways.. even though there's a lot of underlying issues I have and the work situation was kinda the icing on the cake, concentrating at work has been really difficult. Just today I was researching ways to improve the workday (the hours seem like days) and read a scientific report that adrenaline spikes can actually make you feel like time passes slower.. this makes sense as adrenaline is significantly related to the fight-or-flight mechanism that our anxiety is triggering. So.. I am starting to understand that perhaps, with hard work at "acceptance", how we deal with the workplace may improve. Also, I have been reading a book called "the four agreements ", which I think might be helping me cope.


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