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I feel trapped. I'm back to a job and night shifts I thought I left for good, and i'm am a mess with anxiety. I'm back to square one. I thought I was just doing it for few months as I felt better after 8 months of being away from it. But i'm struggling and already thinking of cancelling the shifts that I already agreed to do but I feel bad as they are short staffed. This is my last month but it feels like a year. Any advice?


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  • Hello

    Well a month I know can seem like a year when anxiety is rife , but tell yourself you will take this a day at a time , or even a shift at a time , that you have the option if it gets way to much that you can pull out but for now you will see how each shift goes , that way you are putting yourself in control which can help to control the anxiety , good luck and I hope everything works out for you :-)

    Take Care x

  • I haven't been to work in over a month because I have this fear of something happening and just an overall feeling of not being safe. I get how you feel and don't really have any suggestions. ( I don't even know what to tell myself). But I hope everything works out and just try and take it day by day. Give yourself positive thoughts. Hope this soon passes for you.

  • Hey, I've worked hard for 12 yrs at a stagnant job .. stayed with it mostly for stability.. when our dept was downsized and moved to a less desirable office area recently, it caused my anxiety to POP.. hard. I've been fighting it (Or perhaps the better term is "accepting" it) for 4 weeks now.. therapist, meditation, etc. I'm 42 and it's definitely been amongst the hardest weeks of my life. Slowly improving. Anyways.. even though there's a lot of underlying issues I have and the work situation was kinda the icing on the cake, concentrating at work has been really difficult. Just today I was researching ways to improve the workday (the hours seem like days) and read a scientific report that adrenaline spikes can actually make you feel like time passes slower.. this makes sense as adrenaline is significantly related to the fight-or-flight mechanism that our anxiety is triggering. So.. I am starting to understand that perhaps, with hard work at "acceptance", how we deal with the workplace may improve. Also, I have been reading a book called "the four agreements ", which I think might be helping me cope.

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