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Anxiety problems and daily life

Lately I've been feeling anxious about the end of days, death and the future in general. It started as a small worry but is now starting to take over my life. I'm worried because whenever I feel this way I feel really dizzy and untouched with reality. I've been told that I shouldn't feel this way because I am currently at a very young age. I have a feelin if this carries on it may affect my sleep schedule which it already technically has. Any help?

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I don't have this particular fear (I have MANY others) but I know that the unreality feeling is scary. Unfortunately it's a common anxiety symptom but I hope it makes you feel better to know that it's just that - an anxiety symptom. The people who tell you that you "should" not (I'm not a fan of "shoulds") feel this way are trying to help, but that doesn't always work when we feel so strongly. I suggest you get some counseling. These are not unreasonable feelings in this day and age but a decent therapist could be a big help in working through these with you, getting them into a workable perspective that you can deal with.

Sometimes I need to take a break from the news. I don't promote ignorance, but I believe the 24-hour news channels, tweets, etc are more than we were ever meant to hear about things that are out of our control. This is especially true if you are empathetic, as anxious people often are. My goal is to find a happy medium between being informed and being overwhelmed. I hope you get some help to find that balance.

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