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Anxiety is worse than usual just now

I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. it mostly started in my young teens. It usually comes and goes on a daily basis, sometimes I feel really peaceful, confident and I'm just able to be myself, then other says I feel this constant panic inside of me where I can't speak right without stuttering and panicing and simple and I just get generally scared of life. For the past week I've felt more anxious than usual and I don't know the reason. The past few days I've been constantly crying about it and feeling suicidal. I'm trying to take control of it now and stay positive and wait for it to leave but it's still a very uncomfortable feeling. I have work tonight and I always panic before going because I'm scared I'll mess things up. Sometimes I do do things wrong and make mistakes, but most of the time I do things right and am good at my job, but all I seem to focus on is the things I perhaps didn't do perfect and it makes me worry. can any body else relate?

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