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Any insight or encouragement on how to get thru this weekend?

I feel I have made slight progress on trying to let negative thoughts pass..But the lack of motivation to do almost anything remains; weak appetite, no sex drive, very poor concentration, difficulty staying asleep, etc... is this a bump in the road of recovery? Getting harder each day to force myself to do some of these things, thought it might start getting somewhat easier by now

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I'm the same, i'm in bed all day today and i just don't feel like doing anything. I was doing better but for the past 4 months i'm feeling like's so hard when you wake up and start to feel so you are not alone, it sucks


We can't just lay around! You know that..


I know, i's hard, i was doing so great for 3 years!!!! And now again this f****** anxiety... but what helped me for 3 years was hanging with friends, sleepovers, funny movies, crying when i wanted to, talking with my mom and sisters. I was also studying and going to school to keep myself busy and active, and most important if i started to feel weird i said fuck it and keep doing what i was doing. But this time is little harder:(