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How to get past this

I need help getting through my head whenever I feel the littlest pain I feel something is wrong with me the side of my rib was hurting and I all of a sudden was thinking I have a collapsed lung I want to stop thinking something is always wrong with me if someone out there has been through this and has gotten over it please help me to get over it to

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You sound like me , health anxiety and it's much easier to think of pain for a 'physical symptom' than it being emotional and mental.

Every pain I feel I think it's cancer ( every pain) my symptoms rotate and my anxiety comes and goes. It is a real battle and you have to take the fight to it not let it consume  you .

Distract yourself get a safe place , keep a journal so you can spot patterns and triggers .

Less sugar , less caffeine more fresh air and you have to stop filling your time and just be sometimes - feel the pain and let it go 

We all want a quick fix but your brain is a powerful tool and you need to be kind to yourself ! Good luck 

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You are so right about everything.


That is me to, and I still do it but I am working on that . I always Google symptoms as well. So now I think I'm finally on the way to stop thinking that way. Don't Google that's the first thing. If we could just enjoy life and the fact that we are still on this beautiful Earth should be all we need. Sounds easy so lets work on this together😊


Sound a easy it's not , I have even hidden my phone to prevent me googling . I frequently turn off my wifi as when anxious I get bad headaches and the same if I'm on the phone for work a lot 


I too have struggled with Hypochondria.   I prefer to say health anxiety.  It rings kinder in my ears, however they are the same thing.  I've had this from a child and it is an awful condition as it is with you daily.   The symptoms seem to come one after another.  They feel real and immediately I start thinking the worst thing possible.  Then the symptoms become worse and more often.  Vicious circle.  I stopped googling all of them.  That can scare you half to death!  I'm older now, but still deal with this.  My faith has helped and my art.  I love doing artwork and find that if I can get my mind off my symptoms I can feel better.  I'm reading a book right now simply called Hypochondria and the author has a unique but makes sense approach to it.  Try finding a hobby or something you enjoy and when those fears overwhelm you jump into your hobby.  You are not alone in your journey with this.  Hope you are having a better day today.

Hang in there.....

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Thank u it is very difficult to not Google things I do it continously but I do notice cause I have been doing some cleaning around the house I don't feel as much I no the first step I need to do is stop Googling everything and anything cause that's where I got the collapsed lung from I really hate this it's not fair that we have to go through this but u guys make me feel so much better: )


Typical health anxiety. My main advice about anxiety is to give up giving it meaning! Stop feeding the horrible creature. If u have genuine concern then speak to a dr but by the fact u could google your symptoms probably means u dont have a collapsed lung! Im not dr but i would presume u would be gasping for breath or be so ill u couldnt get to google if your lung had collapsed. Just remind yourself its just anxiety. 


When everything hurts, it's hard not to worry, especially if you have doctors & family members telling you not to worry.  And sometimes things really are wrong, but they treat you like the boy who cried wolf.  

Things that were really wrong while specialists were telling me I'm fine:

Tick Borne Relapsing Fever

Torn tendon

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Herniated disk

Vestibular dysfunction

Ovarian Cysts

That's in 2 years.  10 years ago it took me several months to get my gallbladder diagnosed.  And I work at a hospital!  Sometimes anxiety can exacerbate symptoms but don't blow them all off.


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