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Hi all. Newbie here. Unsure as to how this all works just yet. Was originally diagnosed with severe depression and mild anxiety a year ago. However as of late it feels like my anxiety is ruling my life. I struggle with simple tasks I used to find straight forward. I regularly breakdown over small things going wrong. I feel constantly overwhelmed by life. Need to go back to the doctor but am terrified of being told that more things are wrong with me and things spiralling out of control. Not coping. I appear to display multiple signs of OCD, bipolar type II and dyspraxia but want to avoid labelling myself until more research has been done. As this may well be the anxiety or potentially something else making me overanalyse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Luce1594, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. There's a nice group of informative people who have many of the issues you described. I think it would be best to go back to your doctor even though you are scared of finding out more things wrong. The anxiety over all of this is making you feel that you are spiraling out of control and unable to cope. Asking the doctor questions will help lower your concerns and in turn will lower your anxiety. We are here to support you in any way we can. Good Luck with your next appointment. x


Thank you so much. I went to the doctor today. I found it so hard but I know it was important step towards helping myself manage. He has put me on a different type of medication. If there is no change in 3 weeks he's going to refer me for CBT. Seeing this message really made me feel like calm. I cannot thank you enough x

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Luce1594, I'm glad you took that difficult step and saw your doctor today. Because everyone is different we all respond to medications in a different way. Good luck with the new med your doctor put you on. Since medication is not the total answer, I hope you do seek help from a therapist. CBT has been known to help with life issues. I hope you keep the forum updated on your successes as well as needing help with support and mostly understanding. We care, I care. x


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