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Anxiety friend or enemy

Hi everyone I'm wide awake , yet feeling nervous anxious and pretty much nausea and in a funny way tired. , I seem to have started with this Anxiety again , it's trigger having a lot to deal with finding school for son to start , Work been on full throttle ! My partner on sick st work I feel like a sponge plus had a few little issues myself health started stomach aches feeling full , constipated . I have not been not been eating good and rushing food , so I'm sure it's either a flare of ibs , so because my body / mind gone all funny on me again , that's what I call it I see it has my friend telling me to pull in the reins a bit. I finally rang doc to check me just waiting for results in water sample but so scared goodness knows what they find . Also Iv been very bloated full of wind it's like my body has stiffened up I feel all edgey nervous and going at 100 miles an hour . I just need a few duvet days maybe then my friend said it sounds like I got ME I'm like great stuff. What next I wonder guys anyone kinda get me binkynoo

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When ur in bed just try to relax. If thats too hard then just make ur mind go blank or try change topics in ur head dont consentrate on something so hard that ur gonna lose sleep over. Just have nice calm mellow simple thoughts in ur head and see if u can sleep

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