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How i woke up friday morning

Goodmorning every one! I normally wake up tired sleepy still and dont want to wake up at all for some reason i woke up good but my are still itchy cleaning then with salt water its really helping. I normally start to panic when i take my son to school idk why but i felt ok . I do feel a bit sick like im catching something but i know i have allergies i think lol. Ima call and see if my clinic has any openings today once they open at 9 it feels great to feel the cold air the birds chirpn in the morning sounds like camping in a way lol. I hope it stays like this for a while im enjoying one bit of dang ! I ran out of milk for my decafe coffee looks like grocery shoppn it is a bit later . Thank the lord up above and for an extra day of life ....amen

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Hi Crystal88, I hope you were able to get into the clinic today and have your eyes checked could be anything from allergies, pink eye or dry eyes. It sounds like a good old fashion normal day for Crystal. By all means just enjoy it. Life is good. :)

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I am they didn't have any openings today which sucks and it's probably too late for me to go anyway if they did have one cause I only have one car and my husband takes it to go to work so im tough out of luck lol


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