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Anxiety is a struggle

I've been going through with anxiety for about 3 years and for a month now it has been at it's peek, with starting college I think all the stress caught up with me. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and shack like a leaf. I haven't been going to a couple of my classes ( I know it's bad), but the one thing I hate is that my friend doesn't understand what I feel, and I don't expect her too, but the one thing I hate is being told you have To and the anxiety can't stop you. I want to say well really I didn't know that, I'm tired of it I went through high school living hell some days and others where more pleasant because the anxiety wasn't like it is now. I just want someone to understand what I'm going through not even family nos, I'm frustrated that I don't have someone who can relate in my life.

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I can completely relate! I'm 17, still in school and have many days that i don't go in due to how bad my anxiety can get. Often when teachers ask why i was off i put it down to physical illness because i know if i tell them the real reason they won't have a clue and will just give me some bs comment and tell me i have to get on with it, same with my parents who both have quite extreme mental illness themselves and who i would really think would be more understanding but aren't. My anxiety mainly stems from having to care for them as well as work part time and get my a levels sorted so i can go uni.

At the moment what is helping me slightly to be more mindful and to live in the moment rather than worrying about the past and future is by writing down the few things that i have achieved that day in a diary i bought (probably sounds stupid). It can include anything from 'i went back to school today' or 'i spoke to someone new today' but it just helps me to actually see the positives in my day rather than thinking everything I've done has been rubbish and that i've got no hope. This helps me a bit so may work for you, even if it just relieves your anxiety a bit:) Another thing which has really helped me to see things in a different perspective is a guy called Noah Elkreif on youtube. He has a video called ' a guided meditation for anxiety relief' (don't worry you don't have to sit in a candle lit room and say 'ommm') if you just listen to what he says you will actually feel some relief and it will be lasting too if your anything like me!

Hope this helps, even if its just the fact that theres someone else in the same boat!:)


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