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Going crazy

Hi I have suffered with anxiety attacks for a long time. I am on medication that keep them under control. Well I have lost control. My partner on a stag do in Prague. If u don't know Prague is full of strip clubs and prostitutes. He has gone for 3 nights and today is the 2nd night. I have done nothing but cry and have panic attacks since he left. I feel like running away. I am going out of my mind. I can't sleep or eat. Help.

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Hi Levis4

Try and distract yourself from overthinking, your stuck in the cycle of anxiety/panic, your partner will be home soon and this will become just an old memory, this illness makes us over sensitized in lots of ways, I'm struggling too today, its not nice being like this,could you get a friend round for chat? put some music on, go for a walk, anything to distract you from over thinking this temporary situation, hang in there xx


Hi, I'm not surprised you feel the way you do!! It is a worry for you. The advice Suzie have you is really good. You need to calm your mind. There are so many apps for relaxation and hypnosis. There is a very good free hypnosis app for anxiety. I can only say it helped me when my mind was going into over drive. It's the app with the white lotus flower on. X


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