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staring to feel really anxious when it gets to the winter time i dont know why this happens but anytime it gets to this time of year i start to feel really anxious and scared at this time of year its honestly so annoying and i feel so bad about it can anyone say if they feel the same as me 😢 i have really bad.butterflys at the moment aswell its honestly so depressing 😖😖😖

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i caits, I can truly say that I feel exactly the same as you are feeling right now. Just the thought of winter absolutely fills me with dread and gloom. Grey and dark long days and evenings are awful aren't they? Have you tried a sad lamp? I purchased one last year and you can set them to wake you up gently with a lovely summer s day sunshine! They do help. Mine is called a lumilamp which I bought from boots. It's worth a try. I would love to hibernate until spring if I could😃 😊☺ if I can help in anyway please just send me a little message. These butterflies in my tummy are really making me feel nauseous so I promise you that I can totally relate to the way you are feeling too. I'm sending you lots of strength and courage. From Amanda x

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