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To night i went out for dinner at ny moms bday thibng had a few drinks but been feeling like crap all day i feel like beer helps me with what im going threw! I know stupid exscuse i didnt drink alot but now i feel bad right now anxiety i feel like my heart is going fast palpitations i tell my self im not goingvto die ...but it sure in the heck feels like it lol. Im hoping my dr has a an opening to walk in uhg i need it . Plus low blood pressure makes u feel like crap . I hope i feel better i know it wont . Story of my life i wabt to cry of misery

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Hi Crystal188

Your so right about the low blood pressure, I suffer with that too, I don't think it helps my anxiety/panic, I often feel completely washed out and drained, we're all in this together, hang in there xxx


Yes and u feel sick all the time i always had border line if low blood pressure but mine keeps droppn to 88/55 then my heart feels weird i feel like im going to fall time to time hands swet .


Yeah I can relate to that, makes me feel light headed and like I may faint, I saw a heart consultant a few years ago about it, she recommended a little extra salt on my food and exercise is also good, its not easy as the symptoms are very similar to those of anxiety/panic, but looking on the bright side Crystal1888, with our low blood pressure its unlikely we'll.have a heart attack, :-) haha, its hard.to laugh about things but it helps to try, hang in there, we'll get there eventually xx


Lol true story my dad past away from heart attack its scary but true. I dont get why a lot of peoples get anxietys it sucks and horriable.


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