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Hi, I suffered from anxiety in February this year. It all started after I got put to sleep for my 4 wisdom teeth out. a few days after having them out I felt like my throat was closing and my body was shutting down. My head also felt numb and tingly on one side. I went to the docs and they prescribed propranolol 40mgs twice a day but I read all the side effects so was too scared to take them. I finally got better but bout 3 weeks ago the anxiety is back! I was asleep in bed and woke up feeling like I couldn't catch my breath, it was awful. Feel like I'm going nuts! I keep checking my throat as it always feels really tight Nd have horrible thoughts nd want to take myself to hospital but I know it is just the anxiety. Has anyone tried propranolol and how do they feel on them? Im gonna try go back to docs and ask them for a lower dose like 10mg or something so I don't feel as frightened to take them.

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