Hello, back again🙆🏼

So it's been roughly 4 months since I had CBT. Things haven't been as bad. I went on holiday have managed to keep my panicking under control however, I still get worried about my health. Recently I have been having bad headaches everyday! It's getting to me now. I searched up brain tumour and read the symptoms. Some of the symptoms I've had on and off for about two years now! Could it have been a tumour this whole time? I'm so reluctant to go to the GP again. If anyone could help me?


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4 Replies

  • Hi Panickier, I'm glad you went through CBT, now is the time to pull out what you learned to get you back on the right track. I would think it means not to Google as well as not to concentrate on your daily headaches. I could tell you the chances of it being a tumor are small, but I'm not a doctor and I haven't seen an MRI or CT scan as a professional would. I would suggest seeing your GP so that he can re-evaluate you. Realistically I'm sure you know that headaches can come from a number of reasons none of them being a brain tumor. There are medications that can be given for daily headaches once the doctor determines what kind of headaches they are. Relaxation and meditation never hurt anyone no matter what the cause. I hope you see your doctor soon so that you can stop the worry and concern. Wish you well dear. x

  • I have had the same symptoms for a good couple of years now such as floaters, on and off headaches, dizziness, fullness in ears, bad corordination. I have never had a fit though, so I guess that's one good thing. Th CBT taught me to put the worrying and panicking aside and not let it stop me enjoying my life which had really helped but sometimes I still need a little reassurance when I'm worrying about something. Thank you for responding :) x

  • Hi there, I agree with Agora, it's best to see your GP rather than guess what it might be. It could be so many things such as anxiety!! Not enough sleep, too much caffeine not enough fluids. See what I mean? You could keep guessing forever and be completely wrong. Best thing to do is see a proffesional. Good luck 🙏🏻

  • Yeah I mean I've had these symptoms for a good couple of years now and the doctor has never wanted to send me for any scans. The headaches have only recently became every day now rather than every now and again, I've never had a fit but I do get dizzy and struggle with coordination at times, I find it hard to focus on things sometimes

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