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Anxious all time

Meeting new people, travelling-especially somewhere havn't been before, changing schedule of usual things I do. I'm going on a course and find it all a bit overwhelming-getting ready accommodation, if I can do all assignments, will get on with people etc.

I have been to same college and passed last diploma but still; v.nervous as didn't move in before and new people and didn't do full time course.

I don't like thinking/talking about past either as makes me depressed and have a breakdown so difficult to make/confide in new friends. As I have been trying to get my life started on and off for ages-now 30.

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Hi just try to take it one day at a time,with anxiety we tend to say what if ?to a whole load of thoughts,and always doubt ourselves,you said you passed your last diploma,so well done and deep down you know you can do this,its just your anxiety playing tricks with your mind,i just want to wish you well and stay strong,put the past behind you and move forward,just take small steps towards your goal,and learn to have faith in yourself,although we all do it worry is a wasted emotion,as we cannot possibly predict everything in our life,believe in yourself as you are worth it,good luck in your studies

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Thanks! Was worrying bit too much at time. Going on course wasn't as bad as I thought-though still getting used to all new people. I'll try to make some friends.

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