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Help struggling with anxiety/depression/panic attacks

Hi looking for some help am relly struggling at the minit with all this a keep thinking am going to die 24/7 relly scary my head fells heavy my eyes keep stining just got a horrible fear off going out our doing anything is this normal had it 2 years ago but came back due to losing a baby 3 weeks ago any help would be gd as s have 3 kids and hubby just dont whant to leave

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I know how you feel. I think like this all the time. I have 2 kids. I get so emotional. I get lots of symptoms and feelings that keep me frightened all day.


Thanks for reply sorry u are going througtg this to its just so horrible


Hi how do u manage to cope a wake up fone soon as a get out my bed it hits me thats it there all day just dont fell my self all day dont like geting up as you go througth same same every day again with anxiety attacks


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