Hello! Anyone with any information please comment!

So about a month or 2 ago I started to pull my hair out mainly the crown of my scalp. I do it because its a nervous habit. About a month ago I noticed a bald spot more off to the left in the back where the crown is. Then after I realized a bald spot I realized there Was a small ridge that follows the left side on the top of my head with a little bump that goes towards the front of my head. I never notcited it before that and when I found it a month ago I just blew it off and thought nothing about it. And I found it again last night when I was washing my hair. Its only on the left side too. Its more of a straight curved bump. Not sure if my post makes any sense but I explained it the best i could. Basically there is a little bump that goes from the back of my head to the front and a little indentation on the side of it. All on my left side top of head. Its really freaking me out. I called my doctor and have an appt Monday about it.. I'm just afraid something is seriously wrong. I have always had headaches so that's normal to me.. But it makes me wonder if that's what has been causing it all along. Its doesn't hurt well didn't until I started feeling it and started thinking about it. Just so freaked out and afraid something is seriously wrong.


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  • Well now my mom is saying its always been like that.. But I'm not sure if she is just saying that because she knows I freak out or what.. I don't know

  • Can I read your post home I have a bump like that to put my hair's not falling out try not to worry about it and might be a little bit just think positive don't think negative and more thing they get it the more you scare yourself just think everything just tired of everything be fine and it's nothing serious God is with you and pray he is there by your side I hope all goes well at your appointment I hope that it's nothing serious

  • I'm with your mom because I found a little bump too and the Drs and nurses said if it was something bad you wouldn't see it . It's or the inside of the skull not the outside . Hope this helped

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