Heavy chest

Another horrible night of panic. Woke up feeling shaky during the night. My heart beating fast then my breathing getting fast and heavy. Got than horrible taste in my mouth like ive licked a coin and started to feel sick so sat panting to stop myself. Ive been fine for months so must be my upcoming holiday thats in the back of my mind. Four hours later and my chest still feels heavy but rest of me is calmed. Dont know whether to up my pills for a few days


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  • You're not the only one. I suffer with this also. My sleeping pattern is complete messed up because I can't sleep at night. But I can sleep okay in the day? Doesn't make sense I don't go out much neither because of my anxiety and IBS. But the only thing you can do is try and calm yourself down tbh.

  • I have been fine during the day other than a bit of an achy chest but when it gets close to bedtime i know im gonna wake up at five am and feel like im dying. Then lay there for three hours trying to breathe properly and panting to stop feeling sick

    Its a living nightmare. Mines because i am due to go on holiday next weekend. Im fed of being a nutter lol

  • I guess it's nerves. Hope you feel better for you're holiday :). Anxiety is a living nightmare as you say.

  • I realized that I slept better during the day because of the comforting background noises eg, birds, light traffic, just day to day noises, it kind of subconsciously reminded me that people were around, at night however, its quiet, not much sound, felt like everyone was asleep except for me, so now I put my headphones on and listen to soothing sleep sounds, nature, rain, sea etc, it often works well for me :-)

  • I'm the same also. I'm worried that if I fall asleep at night someone is going to break in :/

  • Things do seem much worse during the night. You do feel more alone.

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