Too much tears

Hi I recently came off venlafaxine anti depressants, I've been off them for about 6 weeks, had good days and not so good days but this week has been an extremely low week with so much tears. I have done lots of exercise to compensate for not being on the meds but even that's not working this week. I feel hopeless, worthless and feel I have nobody to talk too, my family don't understand so they are not the most supportive. I just think everybody thinks I'm mad and not a good person. I lost my mum 6 years ago and I so wish I had her back to talk too, I miss her so much. I started taking the supplement 5htp 2 days ago, I'm not sure if this will be enough to get me up out of this dark hole. Any advise should I just back down and go back on meds or should I struggle along and see if the 5htp will eventually help, anybody out there taken 5htp before?? My doctor was going to put me on meds again & my husband wants me on meds again, I think I may have too 😢

Thanks Carol


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  • I understand completely. I've been doing a lot of crying myself. Probably every day or every other day for the past month. I don't know anything about the medicine you been taking but I'm on buspar and I feel the same as you about the meds. I was against taking it to begin with and I ended up taking it because I was doing too bad with this anxiety but I still feel the same with the meds and even now I feel other symptoms that worry me. I'm not sure if it's side effects of the meds or just my anxiety. Now I want to quit taking it. I don't know what to do. I cry so much. I wish I could tell you more besides saying I know how feel. I wish us the best

  • Hi Ccarle1, ironically my mother also passed away 6 years ago. Until more recently, I cried every day (never missed a morning). The pain of losing her was more than my mind could handle. No medication touched that hurt. I tried everything. I really believe I just needed time to heal emotionally. One day, I just knew I was going to be okay. I no longer could pick up the phone and talk with her but I realized that she gave me all the tools to be the woman she was. From that day forward, the tears stopped and my anxiety starting going down. I so wish this for you as well. x

  • Thankyou Agora1

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