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So I would like some advice, im a happy, bubbly, outgoing person but things just haven't been the same, so my mom and my sister both had mental health problems in the past but never reall anxiety but I didn't ever see myself being one, the last year I've had signs of anxiety but shut them away, it's not easy that's for sure, I've been blaming tiredness on anything but anxiety, I had a bad anxiety attack if I can say last night, it wasn't exactly all the exact signs of one but I had most. I was just freaking out, I had school work, didn't want to even wake up the next day because I didn't want to go to school, and play volleyball which I really do love. It's getting worse, it's the next day and I'm much better but it doesn't seem fair to myself and just the fact that I'm easy going and happy all the time that people may think it's nothing, having been told in the past that I was overreacting and my mom even just thinks and blames other things and can't see the signs. I would like some advice how to deal with this and how to tell people, I feel they may think I'm making it up.

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